— for A Place at the Table —

Our mother, Margie, who had Alzheimer’s, lived the last two years of her life with Amy.  She wasn’t too sure about us leaving her there at first, but Amy won her over. Amy was so kind to Mom, and included her in the daily life of their household.  Mom’s last two years were spent happily, in a clean, comfortable, pretty home. We will always be grateful to Amy for the consideration, attention, love and care she showed our mother.
— Deb Gilchrist and Barb Shaw, Margie’s daughters

Amy’s home has been such a blessing to my Mom and my family. She is considered a member of the family, not only by Amy and Amy’s husband Chris, but by all of their children and spouses and welcomed immediately. At Amy’s, my mom thrives. She is able to play an active part within the home and feels like she belongs. I know she is safe, warm, well fed and taken care for, but mostly she is loved, and that peace of mind is priceless to me.
— Carrie Meyer, daughter of resident Lynn

We moved our dad, Bud, into Amy’s Adult Foster Care home once our mom could no longer care for him due to his level of dementia. We never regretted that decision for a minute as our dad was able to live out his remaining years in dignity and peace under Amy’s care. We called Amy dad’s guardian angel. We knew that our dad’s best interests were at the center of everything she did for him. When visiting dad, we always felt welcomed into Amy’s home and that dad always looked well groomed and cared for. Our mom was also very appreciative of Amy and her staff. They made her feel like a queen, and always had a snack and coffee available. While visiting our dad, Amy created an environment where we all felt welcomed like we were an extension of her family. Throughout dad’s stay, we appreciated Amy’s honest and candor when getting updates on dad’s condition. When the end finally did come for our dad, it was handled with a level of grace and compassion that was beyond words.

Through this process, we found it hugely important when choosing the right place for a parent or loved one, that an important part of the care of a patient in memory care/hospice is the care and feeding the minds and souls of survivors as well as the client/patient. Amy and her staff do an excellent job of achieving this.
— Todd and Tim Tormoen, Bud's sons

I have worked with the wonderful family in their beautiful home for the past year, and they took such excellent care of my 2 Hospice patients. They are loving, kind, compassionate caregivers. As soon as you walk into the home, you can sense their warmth. They are able to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to patients, even at end of life, in the comforts of “home”. Amy provides delicious, nutritious meals, is knowledgeable of medications, and dependable with documentation and reporting any changes/concerns. She and her staff are able to provide assistance in dressing, grooming, bathing, eating, toileting, and mobility. She has excellent relationships with her patients families, and treats them with great respect and hospitality. I highly recommend this home for someone looking for alternatives for a loved one, when they are no longer able to be in their own home.
— Lois R., Hospice RN

Its hard to hear that your parent needs 24-hour care. Amy and Chris and their team have made this process so much easier. My Mom is more than just a client with the Andersons.  They welcome her as part of their family. The family-style dinners, the phone calls and texts, the outings for ice cream, they are what makes my Mom’s journey so much easier!  Thank you for everything you do.
— Bryan, Son of Resident, Lynn